Zammi Rohan | Director QLD Studio

Zammi Rohan | Director QLD Studio

In 2011 Zammi launched 9point9 Architects in Townsville.  He is the Director of the Queensland studio where he continues to develop architectural solutions that are responsive to the tropical environment. He also regularly collaborates with 9point9’s Hobart and Melbourne studios on various projects across Australia.

Zammi is a talented designer.  He has a solid understanding of the construction process and he is constantly exploring opportunities to produce innovate solutions through the use of standard building materials and methodologies.

Zammi previously worked as a Senior Architect at Troppo Architects from 2004 – 2010.  During his time at Troppo he was involved in a wide range of projects of various types and scale. The locations of these projects have covered the length and breadth of Australia and he has gained valuable experience from working in different climates and contexts.

He has received wide acclaim for his work by winning numerous awards, and his projects have been featured in many local, national and international publications.  Zammi has also been invited to present as a guest speaker at a number of symposiums (Hobart, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur), and his work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Registered Architect QLD – 4475

A+ Member of AIA    
TNQ Emerging Leader 2015-16
Associate Member Master Builders