Watermark Tavern

New outdoor dining and bar areas at the Watermark Tavern (under construction).  Located in a stunning location overlooking The Strand and Magnetic Island.  This project includes 4 new shade structures, landscaping, decks and integrated seating.  This was a complex project that had to address numerous site and stakeholder constraints.  The new works were designed for prefabrication to fast track the construction stage and minimise disruption to the venue.  This required collaboration with various disciples such as structural engineer, lighting designer, hydraulic engineer and steel fabricator.  The builder (Gedoun Constructions) has been crucial to the success of this project with their foresight, co-ordination and meticulous attention to detail.  We have explored options to produce creative outcomes using standard materials and construction methods.  This is perhaps most noticeable in our light wells over the deck area, and clever use of decking on the ceilings.