JCU Master Plan

Text & Image From JCU Townsville Master Plan Website http://www.jcumasterplan.com.au/

The new Master Plan for JCU Townsville Campus will integrate JCU’s Statement of Strategic Intent, University Plan and Academic Plan with its facilities, infrastructure, and financial resources.

It will be a student centric Master Plan intended to guide JCU’s growth for the next 20 years, and coordinate all of its precincts and parts to create a vibrant knowledge based community.

The need for a new Master Plan is driven by the University’s strategy to urbanise and modernise the campus, and fulfil its mandate to augment engagement with industry and the broader community.

The master plan will capture:

  • Short Term improvements
    Things to happen in the next 5 years
  • Medium Term strategies
    Development fulfilling known growth forecasts over 10 years
  • Long Term vision
    What might JCU look like 15-20 years from now

By looking at the long term as a priority, the University will be able to make decisions now which facilitate, rather than impede, the long term vision.



Project Team:

  • Cox Architecture
    Project leader
  • 9point9 Architects
    Local architect
  • SpaceLogic
    Campus space rationalisation and student/stakeholder/staff consultation
  • RPS
    Landscape architecture
  • Umow Lai
    Environmental consultants
  • Geoff Roberts
    Futurist & Deputy Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission