The Village

With the world changing so quickly, we are forced to adapt through innovation and creative thinking otherwise be consumed by the juggernaut of what we have come to accept as social conformity, while our planet, economy and people suffer through the lack of inaction to make a change.

Through conversation, TEC-NQ along with Del Mondo Property Group and 9point9 Architects have identified a unique opportunity to address many of the issues that face us as a community, as a nation and as a planet. Grassroots Homes is an initiative that combines sustainable building and design with education and training.

This collaborative approach not only has the ability to educate and make the students of TEC-NQ aware of sustainable building practices, it also provides an opportunity to bring awareness into our community.  This project consists of 4 new homes constructed from traditional and new building technologies to explore more suitable living environments that are energy efficient, sustainable and responsive to the tropical climate.