Kokoda Townhouses

This is a proposal for four new townhouses on a quarter acre corner block in suburban Townsville. The aspiration for this project was to provide a quality living environment for residents without blowing the budget.

Each double storey townhouse is positioned diagonally across the site to respond to climatic conditions and also increase the amount of external wall area - this optimises cross ventilation and natural light (townhouses typically have a shared party wall with minimal openings at the front and rear). 

This well considered arrangement also allows for generous outdoor areas on the upper floor that are completely private from their neighbour. The elevated position also creates a degree of privacy from the street, allowing the front façade to be opened up as desired. Rear courtyards also provided an additional outdoor space for of each residence for clothes drying, vegie garden/ outdoor entertaining, improving the livability of the apartments and negating the reliance on clothes dryers.